Moved by the heart-wrenching stories of loss and devastation in the wake of the Oso mudslide, the Snohomish County Bar Association (SCBA) and Snohomish County Legal Services (SCLS) are in the process of coordinating efforts to provide pro bono legal assistance to those impacted by this tragedy.

Many groups and individuals have already rallied to meet the immediate needs of victims, but the need for legal assistance will only grow in the weeks and months to come.  In the coming weeks, SCBA and SCLS will set up a at least two legal clinics in the north Snohomish County area where people can meet with volunteer attorneys regarding a variety of legal issues, including probate, wills, real estate, FEMA applications, and creditor/debtor issues. Deno Millikan attorney Joel P. Nichols is helping coordinate this effort.  He was particularly moved to do something after talking with a local attorney who grew up in the Oso area and knew many of the victims.  An 800 number will soon be in place for people seeking pro bono assistance.  Please check this blog frequently for updates.

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