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Hello – My name is Jennifer C. Gogert, and I am a partner at Deno Millikan Law Firm. My practice emphasizes personal injury, probate litigation, adoption, family law and mediation. I was born and raised in Arlington. I graduated from Arlington High School in 1993, and was honored to be admitted to Whitman College, where I studied philosophy and earned my bachelors in 1997. I also spent a semester at St. Andrews University in Scotland in the spring of 1995 as part of Whitman’s “semester abroad” program. I never learned or studied the fabulous game of golf: my partners say it is my only major fault as a person.

I then was admitted and graduated from the Willamette University College of Law in 2001. Although I crossed the Columbia River to attend law school, my ultimate goal was to return to my roots in Snohomish County. With that in mind, I clerked for Deno Millikan Law Firm during the summer of 2000 and after graduation in 2001 returned home. I began my practice focused on juvenile court issues at Denney Juvenile Justice Center, but began addressing marriage, parenting and family issues when I hung out my shingle as a solo practitioner. On Valentine’s Day, 2005, I returned to Deno Millikan Law Firm, this time as an associate, helping people in all of the varied aspects of family law. My practice with the Deno Millikan Law Firm, PLLC continued to develop and grow – I now help clients with all aspects of their personal lives. I became a partner in the firm on January 1, 2012.

I have been honored by being named as a “Rising Star” by “Super Lawyers” (formerly Washington Law and Politics). This followed my varied activities within the Snohomish County Bar Association. I have been elected and served as Board Member and President of the Snohomish County Bar Association. I served on the Board of the Washington Women Lawyers, Snohomish Chapter and currently serve on Snohomish County Bar Association’s Family Law Section Board. I provide pro bono services through the Snohomish County Legal Services and have acted as a volunteer guardian ad litem for foster children. I am a member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP). Collaborative Law is an evolving way of dealing with dissolution of marriage and estate issues which avoids litigation and tends to be less damaging to ongoing interpersonal relationships.

My goal as a lawyer is to help people solve the most emotional and significant problems or losses of their lives – – love, marriage, partnership, parenting, divorce, injury and the death of a loved one. My practice, experience, and training focus on individual problems within those areas. When one of my clients gets hurt and suffers a personal injury, I help them work through those difficult times. I help clients with their estate planning and drafting of wills, including planning for marriage with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. I also work with clients to resolve probate issues when a loved one passes away. I help clients work through to resolve the dissolution of their marriage

When I’m your lawyer, I’m here for you and will have your back whether you have been injured, have lost a loved one and need help, are building a family through adoption, are experiencing the end of a marriage, or are planning for your future with estate planning.

I am a strong, but caring advocate for my clients. I take my role as “Lawyer and Counselor” seriously as we struggle through the complex issues. I have a good reputation and believe I am usually successful as a litigator, or in negotiation for a beneficial settlement for my clients.

My practice is guided by the idea that my clients are, and must be, in charge of their own lives. I try to help them focus on improving their future by making good decisions when stress may overcome good judgment, and to make wise decisions for the rest of their lives, whether that relates to a personal injury, probate, estate planning, or a family law concern.

This philosophy has brought me to act as a mediator in the areas of probate and family law.  As a neutral third, with more than 17 years of experience litigating, I help the parties find solutions of their own making.  Mediation provides a safe place to explore options to resolve conflict without the expense – both monetary and emotional – of a trial or contested litigation.  I have found over the years that people are best suited to resolving their own conflict with the help of a neutral to facilitate the discussion and process.

Helping people – whether parents, spouses or bereaved heirs to an estate – find a resolution which makes sense to each of them with their agreement and consent, is a great honor.  Litigation can be cathartic, but also incredibly damaging to family relationships, and working through the conflict to find solutions that meet the needs of each person is often results in better more durable resolutions.

Our office space is well suited to hosting such mediations, even involving multiple parties, as we have 4 conference rooms to provide privacy for parties and their counsel – and plenty of off-street parking.

When I am away from the courtroom and the practice of law, I enjoy my time with my husband, two daughters, and our dog. We love hiking together, and I love gardening, reading, cooking and knitting when, and if, I have any spare time.

If I can help you in any way, even just to answer a few questions, please contact us or call 425-399-7279 and set an appointment to discuss your issues privately, and in depth.


  • Whitman College, Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, 1997
  • Willamette University College of Law, Juris Doctorate, 2001

Professional Activity:

  • International Association of Collaborative Profession, current
  • SCBA Family Law Section, Board Member (President), 2013-2015
  • Snohomish County Bar Association, Board of Trustees, 2004-2009
  • Snohomish County Bar Association, President, 2007
  • Washington Women Lawyers, Board Member, 2008 – 2013
  • Snohomish County Legal Services, Board Member, 2011-2013

Pro bono/Community Service:

  • Snohomish County Legal Services, Volunteer, current


  • Rising Star, Washington Law and Politics, 2011
  • 2010 Pro Bono Publico Service Commendation, Awarded Commendation by Board of Governors