Criminal Defense Lawyers for Drug Possession Charges in Snohomish County

If you need advice about the best ways to resolve serious drug possession charges in Snohomish County and other western Washington communities, contact the Deno Millikan Law Firm, PLLC in Everett.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys can guide you through the complex statutes and procedures that govern illegal drug possession cases in Washington state. Our goal in every case is to minimize our client’s exposure to punishment. No matter how strong the evidence against you might be, Deno Millikan lawyers can protect your interests in court while advocating for the resolution that best meets your unique needs.

Most Washington Drug Possession Cases are Charged as Felonies

Drug possession cases involving substances other than marijuana will generally be charged as felonies under Washington law — there are no misdemeanor charges available for these cases. The specific charges and penalties for a Schedule I or II controlled substance offense will vary with the circumstances of the case, but in general, anyone caught with heroin, cocaine, oxycodone, or fentanyl will probably face a Class B (ten years maximum imprisonment) or Class C (five years maximum imprisonment) felony charge. The main difference between a Class B or Class C felony case is the amount of drugs involved.

Other factors also affect the severity of drug possession charging and sentencing decisions. Is it your first offense? Are you on probation for other crimes? Were minors present at the time of arrest? Were you caught with drugs near a school? Was a firearm in your possession at the time of the arrest? These are just a few of the circumstances that can lead to an especially harsh sentence upon conviction of a drug crime.
Whenever the evidence and the circumstances of your arrest will support your defense, our firm’s skilled trial attorneys can seek the suppression of the evidence and dismissal of the charges based on police errors in performing a traffic stop or a search of your home, car, or clothing.

First offenders or those caught with small amounts of dangerous drugs can take advantage of the treatment and community supervision opportunities available in the specialized drug courts operating in Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom counties. Those who successfully complete the drug court program can look forward to the dismissal of the original criminal charge and a clean record. Other people can take advantage of the Drug Offender Sentencing Alternatives program, which can reduce a felony sentence by as much as 50 percent. Deno Millikan attorneys can give you dependable advice about your eligibility for either of these options.

Increased Drug Use in Snohomish County Has Led to Heightened Enforcement

Snohomish County has emerged as one of Washington state’s hot spots for illegal drugs. Hospitalizations and deaths from overdose occur here at a much greater rate than nearly every other county in the state. The death rate from opioid overdose increased by 69 percent in Snohomish County between 2004 and 2013, while King County’s death rate due to opioids rose by 21 percent. Publicly funded admissions for opioid dependence treatment increased by more than 300 percent in Snohomish County, while similar admissions in King County increased by “only” 80 percent over the same period.

Public health and law enforcement officials are keenly aware of the rapid growth of dangerous drug use in Snohomish County, and anyone caught with heroin, cocaine, unauthorized prescription drugs, or other controlled substances can expect to face the prospect of substantial jail or prison time and heavy fines.

Let an experienced lawyer advise you of your options and fight for the best outcome available for you. Contact the Deno Millikan Law Firm, PLLC in Everett for more information.