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At our core, the Deno Millikan Law Firm, PLLC is about helping people; particularly individuals who are planning for marriage or partnership, divorcing, navigating parenting issues, expanding a family through adoption, determining parentage or resolving non-parental custodianships.

The phrase “family law” as an umbrella that covers many sorts of issues – some large like divorce – some small like a child support adjustment or compliance issue.  All of these issues – simple and complex – are extremely important and should be treated with respect, dignity, and advocacy.  We take the practice of family law seriously and we are with our clients every step of the way.

The family law process often follows two tracks at the same time – litigation in the courtroom and settlement discussions about compromise.  Although the process can be difficult emotionally and intellectually our team uses our experience, knowledge, and skill to advocate well for our clients both inside the courtroom and out.

Washington law protects the interests of children above all else while respecting a parent’s right to parent as they wish.  When property is on the table; the division is to be fair and equitable.  Sometimes we talk about “the law” and it certainly guides many decisions; sometimes, however, we talk more about “what’s right” or “what’s best” for children, families, and their lives moving forward.  Family law is about the best interest of the children and being fair.  Sometimes – most times – the situations are uncomfortable and difficult; we are here to help.

Our attorneys are available to help you with these kinds of issues:

Whatever the nature of your family law concern; Deno Millikan Law Firm, PLLC and our team will work with you to resolve your matter with dignity, respect and the individual attention you deserve.

Contact our offices in Snohomish County today to speak with a divorce and family law attorney regarding your case. We will assess your current legal position and can begin immediately to develop a comprehensive plan to meet your needs and help you build a brighter future for yourself and your family.

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