Divorce Costs Depend On Complexity

As with most family law matters, the real answer to this question is “it depends.” Family law cases are billed on an hourly basis, so there is a direct relationship between the complexity of a case and how much it will cost to litigate the case. For example, a divorce with a child custody component will always be more expensive than a simple dissolution, because additional work will have to be done to determine things like time-sharing and child support. The same will prove true for any marriage where there is a business to divide up, or substantial assets to value and divide since there can be a lot of disagreement about how to do so. Lengthy marriages are often more expensive to litigate than brief marriages because, in cases of a longer term relationship, the Court is sometimes tasked with putting parties in roughly equivalent financial positions.

Cooperation Can Decrease Attorney Expenses

The disposition of the parties also plays an important role in determining the cost of a family law case. If parties cooperate and work together easily, trips to court and litigation expenses can be minimized. On the other hand, if parties have strong disagreements and require the Court to make some (or all) of the material determinations in a case, the cost of litigation can increase exponentially.

Ask A Family Law Attorney For An Estimate

The only way to get a clear picture as to what your particular case would cost is to discuss it with a qualified family law attorney who practices in your area. After addressing all the factors discussed above, a good family lawyer will be able to give you an estimate as to how much your matter may cost to litigate. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.