Truck Accident Attorneys

Injured in a Commercial Truck Accident near Everett?

If you or a family member suffered serious injuries in an accident involving a truck in Snohomish County or elsewhere in western Washington, contact a skilled personal injury lawyer at Deno Millikan Law Firm, PLLC. We understand the critical differences between car accident cases and truck accident litigation.

There’s a lot more at stake in a truck accident case than there usually is in a car crash claim. The injuries are generally more serious, the insurance coverage limits are significantly higher, and the use of expert testimony on issues of liability and damages is usually more extensive. Deno Millikan has a track record of success in complex accident cases that dates back to 1969. Our thoroughly professional but personalized approach to each case can help you and your family achieve a just result through settlement or trial.

Our Everett truck accident attorneys advise and represent crash victims across a range of scenarios, including cases involving:

    • 18-wheelers or semi combinations
    • Light-duty maintenance or utility vehicles
    • Oversize load vehicles
    • Construction vehicles
    • Delivery trucks and SUVs
    • Truck accidents on private property, such as construction sites or loading docks
    • Accidents involving local, state or federal government vehicles
    • Bus or sightseeing accidents
    • Accidents involving rented or leased vehicles or trailers
    • Farm vehicles
    • Accidents involving out-of-state operators, owners, or victims

At Deno Millikan, our experience with the proof of damages in catastrophic injury cases represents a major advantage for our clients. Unlike passenger car accident cases, which normally settle at the policy limits when the injuries are extensive or disabling, commercial vehicle insurance will often cover losses up to or even exceeding $1 million. With that much coverage involved, the injured party will normally need to prove his or her damages specifically and in detail, usually in the face of tough opposition.

Our experience with the investigation and proof of complex claims against sophisticated opponents can help you maximize your financial recovery in a Washington state truck accident case. We work with treating and consulting physicians and therapists to make sure that every element of your loss is documented and clearly presented in negotiations or at trial.

Especially valuable for our clients is our ability to accurately assess the value of a truck accident claim. That way, we can protect our clients from early settlement offers that seem to be generous, but actually, fall well short of what you’ll need to cover ongoing treatment and rehabilitation needs.

We’ve helped people recover the compensation they need to support their recovery from serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury, paraplegia or quadriplegia, multiple fractures, internal injuries, and severe soft tissue trauma. We also represent surviving families in fatal truck accident cases.

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The personal injury lawyers of Deno Millikan give all of our clients the information and advice they need to make good decisions for themselves under difficult circumstances. We do everything we can to demystify the personal injury litigation process. To learn more about our ability to protect and advance your interests in a serious truck accident case, contact us in Everett for a free case review.