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Injured on the Job in Snohomish County?

There are many ways to get hurt at work. In some situations, a workers’ compensation claim will be your only option for recovering the money you’ll need while unable to perform your job. In other situations, however, you will have the right to sue one or more non-employer defendants for the broader range of damages available in the civil courts. In many cases, an injured worker will be able to collect workers’ comp benefits while pursuing personal injury damages against parties unrelated to the employer.

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The workers’ compensation system represents a sort of tradeoff between the competing interests of employees and employers. Workers generally can’t sue the boss or a coworker for injuries suffered on the job, but they don’t need to prove negligence in order to collect compensation for lost income and medical expenses while recovering from job-related accidents. Workers’ comp is intended to serve as a faster, more certain, and less adversarial approach to covering the losses related to workplace injuries.

In many job-related accidents, however, a third party unrelated to the employer can be held responsible for the worker’s injuries. For example, a delivery driver injured in a vehicle accident can sue a negligent motorist for civil damages even while collecting workers’ comp.

Other examples of the kinds of cases that can support a civil action for the full range of an injured worker’s losses include:

    • Products liability claims for people injured by defective equipment or machinery
    • Premises liability claims for workers injured by dangerous property conditions in buildings or at jobsites owned by third parties
    • Dog bites or other animal attacks suffered when working at a customer’s home
    • Injuries caused by the negligence of employees who work for other companies

Washington law provides that the state Department of Labor & Industries can recover workers’ comp lost income and medical payments from a portion of the civil settlement or jury verdict in a civil lawsuit. Even if part of the recovery you receive in a workplace injury lawsuit ends up reimbursing the state for workers’ comp benefits, you will still end up better off with a combination of personal injury damages and workers’ compensation than you would with workers’ comp alone.


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