Everett, WA Products Liability Attorneys

At Deno Millikan Law Firm, PLLC in Everett, our attorneys represent people who have been injured by defective products at home, at work, at school, or on the road. With a track record of almost 50 years serving the needs of clients throughout Snohomish County and western Washington, we have the experience and skill necessary to guide clients through the complexities of product liability litigation. If you need advice about the most effective ways to pursue your claim for damages caused by dangerous and defective products, contact us for a free consultation.

The investigation and proof of dangerous products claims can be complicated, difficult, and expensive. The evidence necessary to prove the defendant’s financial responsibility for your injuries might be scattered around the country or even beyond in factories, engineering firms, distribution offices, technical reports, executive suites, or government offices.

We understand that the people injured by defective products can seldom bear the expense of developing a sound case, so we either support the costs of the litigation ourselves or team up with specialized law firms with the resources necessary to build your case — just another advantage of working with a law firm with a long-established reputation for excellence.

There are basically three ways of proving a claim against the defendant in a products case: defective design, defective manufacture, or failure to warn. A defectively designed product can be dangerous even if properly assembled, shipped, maintained, and used. Manufacturing defects reflect a breakdown in quality control, substituted materials, or other problems independent of the product’s design. Manufacturers can sometimes avoid liability for product-related accidents or potential misuse with effective warnings if in product development and testing they find that certain ways of using or misusing the product are likely to result in injury, and end users are accordingly warned.


Personalized Client Service in a Sophisticated Products Liability Practice

Proof of liability in a products case usually depends on the expert opinion of engineers, technicians, and human factor consultants, who not only identify the particular problems with the product and relate them to your injury, but also show how they could have been avoided in terms that make economic sense. Sometimes we find that the manufacturer made a conscious business decision to leave the defect in place rather than invest in a solution.

Examples of the kinds of product liability cases we handle include:

    • Automotive products and components
    • Farm equipment
    • Power tools
    • Sporting goods
    • Marine equipment
    • Industrial machines and equipment
    • Portable heaters and stoves
    • Construction materials

To find out more about the products liability practice at Deno Millikan, and to learn how our experience with complex injury litigation can help you and your family, contact us our Everett office for a free consultation.