Experienced Defense Attorneys for Snohomish County Marijuana Possession Charges

Even though Washington state has legalized the recreational sale and use of marijuana, it’s still entirely possible to get into trouble for marijuana possession. Did your weed come from anyone other than a licensed retailer in the state? Did you have more than an ounce of bud or more than seven grams of concentrate? Are you growing your own without a license? Did you have any in a car where you could reach it and light up? Were you driving under the influence? Are you under 21 and possessed any marijuana at all?

If you were arrested for marijuana possession under any of these circumstances, the defense attorneys of Deno Millikan Law Firm, PLLC can help you. Contact us in Everett to learn how our experience and skill can protect you from the worst consequences of a marijuana arrest in Snohomish County or elsewhere in western Washington.

With an established DUI defense practice, Deno Millikan is familiar with the most common charges related to marijuana use and possession in Snohomish County. If an investigating officer smells marijuana in the vehicle or on your person during a traffic stop, you will not only face DUI charges, but you will also be charged with illegal possession of open or accessible marijuana in a motor vehicle, if an unsealed container is found in the glove compartment or elsewhere in the passenger area.

If you have more than 40 grams of marijuana, you could face felony possession charges on top of the DUI and open container violations. That could mean substantial jail time and a serious criminal record that could cause problems for you for years. Our experience with the defense of DUI, drug, and traffic charges can give you a significant advantage toward a positive outcome in court.


Contact our Everett Office to Learn About Your Marijuana Defense Options

We work closely with each client to make sure that our defense strategy is well suited to your circumstances and objectives. If you need to protect your access to student loans, or if you hope to obtain a security clearance for your job, our approach might be different from the strategy we would recommend for a first offender with no long-range interests at stake.

Regardless of your circumstances, our goal in each case is to resolve the charges on the best possible terms under the facts. As experienced trial lawyers, we are always willing to take your case to court if our investigation reveals mistakes by the arresting officer or weaknesses in the evidence against you. If the case against you appears to be airtight, we will still have opportunities to protect your interests at sentencing. Many of our clients qualify for sentencing alternatives that will result in eventual dismissal of the charge, thereby keeping the charges off their record.

To find out more about the ways our experience and commitment to personalized client service can help you get past a marijuana possession or traffic charge, contact a seasoned defense lawyer at Deno Millikan in Everett.